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The Colorado Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association (CWPMA) has been the united voice of petroleum marketers since 1934. The Association represents the independent petroleum marketers in the wholesale and retail business of gasoline, special fuels and lubricants. Petroleum marketers are made up of locally owned, generational businesses that through branding agreements and supply contracts are partners with gasoline refineries and producers.

CWPMA’s members sell 90% of all gasoline and special fuel sold at wholesale and retail through their own fuel outlets or dealers in Colorado, and 80% of gasoline and special fuel at wholesale and retail in Wyoming. Total retail outlets are over 2200.

The Guide will:
-        Provide exposure to CWPMA’s members and the general petroleum market
-        Be included in emails to CWPMA’s members
-        Be emailed to all conference and trade show attendees
-        Provide revenue to help support the CWPMA in promoting the petroleum industry

Enhanced features of the 2020 Buyer’s Guide include:
-        Ability to promote deals and discounts with select advertising plans
-        Ability to capture leads directly through listings on select advertising plans
-        Mobile friendly format for easy mobile viewing
-        Reporting on clicks and views of your advertisement

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